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Chuck Southerland, P.E.


The Georgia Institute of Technology: M.S., Environmental (Sanitary) Engineering, 1978

North Carolina State University: B.S., Civil Engineering, 1976


Licensed Professional Engineer: Texas, 1981; Wyoming, 1990; Arkansas, 1991; New Jersey, 1997


Mr. Southerland has over 23 years of experience in environmental engineering, compliance and liability management for industry, commerce and the legal profession including regulatory permitting, compliance management and training programs, design of water, stormwater and waste facilities, compliance and due diligence assessments, and litigation support. A representative listing of Mr. Southerland’s project experience includes:


bullet Centennial Pipeline – Construction and Operations Permitting. Prepared Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and prepared/submitted general permit Notice of Intent (NOI) for a major grass-roots petroleum product terminal in Illinois. Management responsibility for stormwater permit acquisition and SWPPP production for products pipeline construction in TX, LA, MS, TN, and Illinois. Management oversight/ scope development of pipeline system OPA 90 Plan.
bullet TE Products Pipeline Company (TEPPCO) –Archaeological Resource Survey. Scope development and contractor oversight for archaeological site assessment required for general stormwater permitting at a products pipeline terminal in Illinois.
bullet US Borax – Molybdenum Refinery and Mine. Prepared NPDES wastewater and stormwater discharge reports and permits for a major grass-roots molybdenum ore mine in Alaska and a molybdenum refinery in Washington state; evaluated stormwater runoff management techniques and alternative wastewater heavy metals removal technologies..
bullet Shell California Production, Inc. – Power Plant/ Enhanced Oil Recovery Project. Licensing coordinator for an environmental impact assessment document for a major enhanced oil recovery project which included an 800 MW cogeneration power plant. Directed laboratory waste characterization studies to define hazardous properties (California and RCRA guidelines) of coal ash and FGD blowdown.
bullet Kentucky Agricultural Energy Corporation – Power Alcohol Plant. Prepared federal and state NPDES permit applications and wastewater treatment system reports for a grass-roots power alcohol plant in Kentucky. Performed and/or evaluated theprocess design of various system components and performed plant startup assistance and troubleshooting.
bullet General Electric Plastics Division – Plant Siting Study. Performed multi-media environmental permitting and siting feasibility evaluations for a grass-roots plastics manufacturing facility in the southeastern US.


bullet Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America; Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company; GPM Gas Corporation; Baker Hughes; Inc.; TE Products Pipeline Company (TEPPCO); Centennial Pipeline Company – Environmental Awareness/Compliance Training Programs. Development and classroom presentation of environmental compliance training programs including preparation of participant training manuals. Specific expertise in wastewater and stormwater management, Community and Worker Right-to-Know, SPCC regulations, and spill reporting.
bullet Colorado Interstate Gas Company; ANR Pipeline Company; Great Lakes Gas Company – Environmental Procedure Manual. Co-development and management oversight of environmental compliance operating procedure manuals for three major interstate gas pipeline companies, including annual updating.
bullet Confidential Interstate Products Pipeline – Compliance Audit. Developed scope and managed an environmental compliance audit of an interstate products pipeline system including numerous breakout storage terminals in the southwest and midwestern US. Scope included multi-media compliance with federal and state regulations.


bullet Confidential Client --Interstate Products Pipeline High Consequence Area (HCA) Impact Analysis. Project design and management oversight for identification of liquid petroleum pipeline segments that could impact High Consequence Areas (HCAs) under 49 CFR Part 195 regulations (includes sensitive ecological areas and public drinking water sources). Pipeline extended from Texas to Illinois. Project included compilation of HCA databases in various states and GIS data analyses.
bullet TE Products Pipeline Company (TEPPCO) – Wetlands Delineation and Permitting. Project manager for wetland delineation and permitting and threatened/endangered species evaluation, for a new intrastate pipeline system in Ohio.


bullet TE Products Pipeline Company (TEPPCO) – Management responsibility, technical review, and/or performance of site investigations and soil/groundwater remediations at various petroleum product terminals in southwestern and midwestern states.
bullet Natural gas pipeline and processing facilities; oil and gas production facilities; oil field service companies; commercial facilities. Project manager, Principal-in-charge, or staff professional responsible for management, technical review, or technical design and execution of numerous soil and groundwater investigations, remediations and closures.
bullet Bayou Sorrel PRP Technical Committee – Federal Superfund Site, Louisiana. - Managed remedial construction design of a slurry wall/ cap closure of a hazardous waste landfill site in Louisiana including preparation of the Statement of Work (SOW) for EPA approval, Worker Health & Safety Plan (WHSP) and Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). Managed all field operations for acquisition of geotechnical and hydrogeological design data
bullet Confidential PRP Group– Federal Superfund Site, Oklahoma. Performed design study for cleanup and closure alternatives for a hazardous waste landfill site in Oklahoma. Evaluated technical feasibility and costs of incineration, air emission controls for hazardous material excavation, and chemical fixation and landfill disposal of incinerator ash.
bullet Confidential Pesticide Manufacturing Facility, Texas. Designed and construction management of a groundwater recovery and treatment system for groundwater containing pesticide residuals. Supervised and certified the closure of pesticide-contaminated plant areas.


bullet Oil field service companies; oil and gas production companies; pipeline facilities; manufacturing facilities; commercial facilities; legal counsel: Project Manager, Principal-in-charge, or staff professional responsible for management, technical review, or performance of numerous due diligence/ pre-acquisition assessments of industrial and commercial facilities throughout the US (1988 to 2001 time period).


bullet Various municipalities; grass-roots US Navy submarine base - Prepared wastewater and drinking water system process designs and detailed construction designs for wastewater and drinking water treatment systems, water distribution systems, and water/wastewater laboratory testing facilities.
bullet Organic chemical plants; iron & steel plants; coal gasification / liquefaction facilities; and coal-fired power plant scrubber systems - Evaluated and selected physicochemical and biological treatment technologies for industrial wastewater treatment and disposal systems. Evaluated compliance of treatment system performance with EPA’s Industrial Effluent Guidelines for various industrial point source categories. Prepared process and mechanical designs for final treatment systems.
bullet Refineries, chemical plants, liquid product terminals, landfill facilities and municipalities - Design of stormwater drainage, impoundment and sediment control systems. Performance and technical review of SPCC plans. Development of stormwater prediction and drainage/ control structure modeling techniques. Research program participant for development and evaluation of computer models for predicting stormwater runoff in urban areas.


bullet Exxon Baytown, TX Refinery – Conducted a treatability study for gravity thickening of API Separator sludge, including management of field technicians, data analyses and preparation of final process design. Prepared detailed design and specifications for constructed facilities.
bullet Exxon Baytown, TX Refinery – Prepared detailed design and specifications and RCRA Part B engineering report for new refinery waste landfarm treatment facilities.
bullet British Petroleum(BP) Belle Chasse, LA Refinery – Developed process and detailed designs, specifications and cost estimates for refinery sludge treatment and recessed-plate filtration dewatering facilities.
bullet US Army – Nerve Gas/Chemical Demilitarization Program. Evaluated treatment and disposal technologies for heavy metal residues from incineration of nerve gas agents and associated munition delivery components.
bullet Hazardous Waste Landfill Design – Detailed design and specifications, RCRA Part B engineering reports, and closure cost estimates for new and existing industrial and commercial hazardous waste landfills.


bullet Confidential Joint Defense Group – Chemical Release Failure Analysis. Performed extensive deposition reviews and failure analysis for chemical vapor release at an industrial manufacturing plant . Prepared written deposition review summary and failure analysis report for legal counsel. Identified and screened expert witnesses for human toxicological impact analyses.
bullet American International Group (AIG) – Insurance Claims Review, Mining Sites. Project Director for a historical and future remediation cost evaluation for four CERCLA mining sites in Colorado, Montana and Washington state. Project included detailed categorization and appropriateness review of $330,000,000 in historical costs for a variety of remediation activities and regulatory/legal expenses. Performed detailed estimates of future remediation and regulatory compliance costs for site closures.
bullet Adams Generator Joint Defense Group.- Computer Database Development, Superfund Site Regulatory Files. Developed scope and budget, and performed contractor oversight for creation of electronic database for regulatory file retrieval and research by legal counsel. Project included acquisition and electronic processing of extensive state and federal agency files for a commercial hazardous waste disposal facility.
bullet Legal Counsel for TE Products Pipeline Company (TEPPCO)– Litigation Support. Preparation of responses to interrogatories concerning wastewater discharges from a products pipeline terminal facility; preparation and submittal of an Affidavit concerning the design and operational specifications of wastewater treatment facilities and surface/subsurface migration pathways of wastewater discharges.
bullet American International Group (AIG) – Insurance Claim Review, Colorado Mining Site. Performed and managed evaluation of technical and cost appropriateness of remediation activities at a major Superfund mining site in Colorado including mine adit closures and management of acid mine drainage, mine tailings, and contaminated groundwater.


bullet ENTRIX, Inc., – General Manager, Vice President, Senior Management Consultant. Responsible for startup, profit/loss, recruiting, senior client interface, and contract/ insurance agreements for private environmental consulting practice (Houston, Texas office). Successfully grew office to a peak staff size of 45 personnel that offered services to industry, commerce, and law firms in the areas of environmental engineering, geosciences, multi-media permitting, compliance/ due diligence assessments, litigation support and environmental liability management.

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